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Consultation Services

What I Provide

Prenatal Consultation

In a prenatal appointment I will answer all of your questions and concerns as well as discuss what breastfeeding looks like immediately after birth and in the days and weeks to come. We will talk about how often newborn babies nurse and can practice different nursing positions and holds to set you and your baby up with the best start possible. 

Pregnant Belly

Initial In-Home Consultation

In a consult with you and your baby present, we will address your concerns, and write an individual plan regarding your specific needs. Through assessing a feed, I can see how to best support you both in meeting your breastfeeding goals.

Baby Breastfeeding

In-Home Follow-Up

A follow-up appointment to continue care after your initial consult. 


Remote Video Consultation

Since times are challenging, this is a safe and effective option for parents to see a lactation consultant from the comfort of their own home with no in-person visitors. 

Baby's Grasp

Infant Weight Checks

A 30-min appointment to follow-up with baby’s weight gain. 

Parent and Child
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